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manc wrote

I wish more people had a 'create anarchy in your area/life/work' approach instead of the 'GLOBAL ANARCHIST REVOLUTION' approach.

I 'teach' a group of home-educated kids


ziq wrote


AKA the smugpost on reddit all day approach.


Catsforfun wrote

ive been doing pro abortion graffiti


JayGrym wrote

This sounds odd lol pro abortion or pro choice?


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

framing abortion as a choice removes the context of material conditions which make the alternative to abortion, in many cases, life-destroying for the chooser, the birthed, and others who interface with both.

being pro-abortion means supporting abortion as a positive act of agency, not merely a "act of last resort" or other patriarchal ways of framing this feminist praxis as undesirable


Catsforfun wrote

what's the difference? I could say pro-healthcare and it would mean the same thing.


ghost wrote

The difference is the bigots who think abortion is “murder,” not healthcare.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Can you elaborate on this? Are you making signs or graffiti on buildings?


Uwusketamine445 wrote

I’m still working on the medical duopoly thing in my city. I think I’m gonna go for trying to find hippa violations because it’d cost them a fair bit of money. I’m kind of at a loss for trying to bring down the ratings of the hospitals because all of their locations are either two or one star already. I’m also going to print some posters into the sticker paper I have and go slap them around my city. Honestly tho I’m kind of paranoid they’re in bed with the pigs and local government (they probably are) but it’s whatever. I also might go get some needles and drop them around the campus but I don’t know if I should get them from the internet or the needle exchange.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Helped planting and mulching 1/2 acre garden.

Note to self....... never do this again unless you have a tractor or some other heavy equipment.

Was able to pick and donate 16lbs of squash to a local food bank. Fall harvest is going to be a beast.