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zorblax wrote

Sounds like fiction and presumption to me

The future is unwritten. Thinking you know what it holds is the greatest hubris humanity can know.

A future in which people upload their conscious to a computer would most likely be one in which it is "unhackable"

"unhackable" is a fairy tale. There is no such thing as perfect security, and there never will be. Anyway, a casual look at the state of modern computer security shows that it is hilariously weak, even in government or military sectors. Mostly it's that most people don't understand security, or just don't care about it.

So destroying the environment?

If my choices are to keep people alive or to try to revive a biosphere that's been a lost cause for 50 years, I'll take the former.

A start to justifying your argument would be explaining how it doesn't make sense.

90% of the planet uninhabitable in a few weeks due to greenhouse gas output? It's literally impossible.


chaos wrote (edited )

But hacking the software won't get you 8 billion cybernetic bodies with mindlinks to hand out. It's a resource problem, not a software problem.


zorblax wrote

quite right, that's why I never claimed it was a solution to getting everyone those upgrades, rather it's a way to fight back against the robo-bourgeoisie.