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ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

It creates a superhuman class. It would be like living in an X-Men comic where some humans are all-powerful but most are defenseless.


kaiakerno wrote

If anyone can become a "superhuman", then there is no border between those classes. And remember, anarchy is about "no leaders" rather than "no rules", and it is not anarchy if oppression of a regular human by an augmented one is tolerated.


kaiakerno wrote (edited )

Besides, there are all kinds of potential augmentations. Some augmentations, those that enhance physical strength, are likely to be considered weapons and be treated as such. (I honestly haven't made up my mind on weapons yet: I used to consider gun control a necessity, and now that I noticed many anarchists to be against it, I'd like to examine that other point of view before I form a strong opinion on this.)

But these are unlikely to be very popular in a healthy society. I was thinking more in line of upgrades that allow you to interface with computers to control them and receive their output by thought. Or those that restore vision to vision-impaired or fix any other kind of disability.


Chomskyist wrote

I'm going to start a thread asking what augmentation would be the best.