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Defasher OP wrote

Try not to assume for a second that the technology used for augmentation will always need to be pollutant/hazardous to the environment.

But then I'd be basing my arguments on pure speculation - as long as energy negative technology doesn't exist, and as long as resources need to be extracted to create transhumanist technology, isn't it just purely theoretical and therefore not practical or useful to the world we exist in?

not trying to accomplish any change to how society works. We just want to develop technology to improve our own functions, as long as it doesn't harm the ecosystem.

This is new. So antranshumanists won't upgrade their bodies if the upgrades can't be created without harming the ecosystem? That changes things. But it also means you're not going to be able to uprade yourselves any time soon, while capitalist transhumanists won't wait.

Does that also take into consideration the advantages over other members of the ecosystem you'll have by giving yourself new functions?

Example if you have 4 hands robot hands in addition to your flesh hands and I just have the flesh hands, won't I become obsolete and not be able to compete with you?

not united in any way. In fact, there's no point in considering transhumanists a different group or segment. There's no fight. No struggle here. Nothing that affects others necessarily.

I'd be more willing to accept that if I didn't keep getting attacked by antranshumanists for being anticiv, and even accused of being transphobic and genocidal for no reason other than my opposition to civilization.