Free Speech means Hate Speech

Submitted by aiwendil in Anarchism

If Cal State really wanted to promote the idea of free speech, then they would dedicate the same amount of resources to bringing leftist/anarchist/socialist/etc speakers to the campus as the do White Supremacists like Milo and Bannon. They are setting aside millions for the security for these events, which is problematic for a number of reasons.

First off; students payed that money to the school in the form of tuition and they are now receiving fewer resources because the university has decided to mis-manage their funds. I think this speaks to the incompetence of Cal State Berkeley's current Chancellor Carol Christ, who has repeated the free speech mantra every time she is asked to justify the mismanagement of school resources.

Second; there is a big misunderstanding as far as what freedom of speech is and isn't. Freedom of speech is not about guaranteeing anybody a platform. Platforms should be given based on the merit of ideas, not based on somebody whining loudest about their rights being trampled(when in fact they aren't). I don't believe a government should be able to crack down on groups based on speech or expression and that hasn't happened to these right wing groups. In fact the government is currently amplifying their lunacy and now so is UC Berkeley. If anything Left wing groups have been cracked down on. Peaceful groups have outed innumerable undercover government agents and provocateurs that infiltrate and attempt to do long lasting damage to leftist groups, while allowing literal white supremacists to operate freely.

Berkeley is not equally distributing it's resources to speech. They are using millions of dollars to the effect of amplifying right wing extremist speech and to the detriment of leftist and even centrist speech. This is not freedom of speech it is white supremacy. If Berkeley wants to destroy itself this way, let them burn and after they crash and burn this time, don't rebuild it. The system is totally broken and needs to be replaced.

Cal State has ignored multiple petitions to remove Nathan Damigo the white supremacist that started Identity Evropa and who helped to organize the Charlottesville mess. They have allowed Damigo to continue to attend class there even after he assaulted a woman at a previous protest at Berkeley. Cal State continues to protect white supremacists and amplify their speech. I think we should encourage students to transfer to other schools and begin a campaign to defund the Cal State system until they install a Chancellor that will work for the students.

Finally, the core of the Citizens United SCOTUS decision equates money to speech. The way this works is that money is a resource that can facilitate a platform for speech, such as a commercial or a newspaper article. If we are to believe this, then it is imperative that we minimally establish a standard of equal resources for equal ideas. White supremacy, which is what Milo and Ann Coulter espouse, is not an equal idea to socialism for example. Why should we be dedicating more resources to white supremacy than we do a rational, well thought out idea. It makes no sense.

I know I am preaching mostly to the choir here, but to re-iterate a point above: It is time to bury Cal State, they have stopped supporting the needs of their students in favor of playing identity politics with a bunch of bigots. If they continue to prove themselves an open platform for white supremacists, we should begin a campaign to get students to move to other schools that don't have their head up their ass.


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