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BristholD wrote

You are invited to go back to the 5th century, when generalized poverty, starvation, diseases, low life expectancy and so on were the norm for the overwhelming majority of people. Good luck. That would be called collapse and hell by our modern standards as of living. The truth is that poverty has been decreasing everywhere, in fact, world poverty rates plummeted 80% since 1970.

There's a reason why during the industrial revolution mass immigration from rural areas to urban centers happened: Better opportunities to escape from misery and poverty.


c0pdislik3r_ wrote (edited )

I took your invitation and time traveled back to the 5th century. Everyone was having a great time and said the 5th century kicks ass. I told them some nerd on the internet didn’t think so so they suggested inventing a frozen dairy drink to give you as a hat.


ziq wrote (edited )

Literally everything you've said is inaccurate. Peasants were forced by deliberate state policies to relocate to urban areas to work a miserable, poor life in the factories.


BristholD wrote

Actually, the average income and standards of living grew significantly during and after the industrial revolution. This is fact, not debatable. That's why peasants migrated to the cities. The same thing could be seen more recently in China where peasants migrated from rural areas to big industrial zones. The only real policies that forced migration could be seen in places like Camboya under the communist rule of Pol Pot, but it was in reverse, forcing people to abandon the cities to work under miserable conditions in collective farms. Causing mass death and genocide. The Soviet Union also forced mass migration of people to work as slaves, in the 20th century. More massive massive misery and death. History is pretty clear.

After the industrial revolution and evolution into free-market capitalism, wealth was not just accumulated by some, but also by most people. Lots of wealth was created for most people, not just redistributed. Thanks mostly to technological innovations, progress in science, entrepreneurship and the establishment of liberal societies economically and politically.