Is the chat used?

Submitted by tpedes in Anarchism

One of the first things I ever did online (decades ago) was IRC, and I still like text chat. It's great for those of us whose wits are quicker and who hear better in text, and it's also important when you don't have people around with whom you share ideas. Of course you have to keep opsec in chat, but you should do that everywhere.

I've stuck my head in the f/anarchism chat a few times today. While people are logged into the channel, all I see are join and leave messages. Is this just not used for public chat? I know there are various Discord servers occasionally promoted on r/Anarchism, but I really don't like Discord.



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tpedes OP wrote

Thanks for those who sent me links. And, I'm sorry I asked.


ziq wrote (edited )

the only official chat rooms we have are the main raddle channel, the meta channel and the raddle queer channel. Idk what room you're talking about or why you're sorry you asked.


other rooms listed aren't used by raddle people.

Edit: I just removed all the rooms we're not affiliated with because I don't want us to be held responsible for content we have no control over.


tpedes OP wrote (edited )

ziq, my introduction to chat was in the middle of the recent fracas over moderation. It was good in the end to see the process of people working that out, but my immediate reaction (after seeing many similar things over the years) was, "Oh, no, not again."


Tequila_Wolf wrote

the mental wellbeing room listed in the f/mentalwellbeing sidebar is official also