Answering Back: Teaching Kids the “Art of the Deal” -- Response to local newspaper

Submitted by nosho18 in Anarchism

Do you ever read your local paper and wonder why there aren’t more articles favourably comparing school children to Donald Trump? Well, the Waterloo Region Record’s got you covered. Yesterday, May 13, they ran an article called “Waterloo Region Youth Learn the Art of the Deal”; so lying, bravado, and sexual harassment, right? It described children as young as 4 gathering to highlight their businesses and sell each other stuff at the Children’s Business Fair: “They hope it will help children learn about the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age — something they don’t get in most classrooms.”


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SpiritWolf wrote (edited )

My daughter is 7. She is so compassionate, thoughtful, and loving. I take no ownership of how she is, however I do not believe that to let her learn the "Art of the Deal" or any kind of anti-community logic would benefit her in the slightest.

I will take my kind and thoughtful daughter any-day over profit making!