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asbestosstar wrote

I would have to partially disagree on this article. I think that you could just not participate in the capitalism. If people did not like how a company was growing, then just don't buy from that company.

Thats not to say that capitalism is fault-less, it has many issues.


godman666 wrote (edited )

In my line of work i deal with these "ancaps' all the fucking time. what always happens is some guy will start some market or whatever, work everyone to death for nothing and leave the room with all the money. they always scream about libertarian this and that and dont understand that libertarianism has a very flawed view of individual rights. In libertarian theory, it's always the right of capitalists to exploit workers more. For example, libertarians tend to frame the debate about "being allowed to own private property". The freedom they're focusing on here is the freedom to own private property, which inherently, by the authoritarian nature of property itself, limits others' freedom. It's always about the freedom to do freedom limiting acts. In anarchist theory, private property is abolished because it creates more autonomy and self determination in society by democratizing factors of production, consumption, defense, etc. Democracy being the collective form of autonomy(autonomy literally translating to self-rule).

Originally, libertarian and anarchist were interchangeable, the person who coined the term "libertarian" was an anarchist communist himself, using it to describe his ideals, now its just a stolen word . pretty much astrology for white guys