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Naokotani wrote

I have been a vegetarian with strong vegan leanings for about 9 years(sometimes its just really hard, especially while travelling internationally). Before that I went through a stage where I hunted and raised my own animals because I wanted to be more aware of the process, but one day I killed some chickens and I saw their life flash before my eyes. I ate the pies that I made from those chickens (I had already killed them) and vowed never to eat meant again.

And yes, ultimately my reason for being vegetarian is similar to being an anarchist. I don't agree with the idea of pets either, and I think animals should be able to roam free with dignity. If a wild dog or cat (or whatever animal) chooses to live with humans then that is fine, but the idea of an animal being born and dying in captivity for any reason is just wrong.

I also think self liberation is as important aspect of anarchism, and compasion is often considered an important aspect of self liberation. That being said, I also think personal freedom is an important part of anarchism, so I don't see it as my responsibility to police the eating habits of others.


ziq wrote

All my dogs and cats found me, they have a way of domesticating themselves.