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foggymorn wrote (edited )

I don't see what worker self management has to do with veganism tbh. If we rejected all oppressive behaviors, we wouldn't be able to fight a revolution against the rich.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Class reductionism is a thoughtless and dogshit approach to liberation


theblackcat wrote

Anarchism is about a lot more than worker self management, especially in a world where work is automated. Killing oppressors isn't oppressive, it's self defence.


foggymorn wrote

Then eating meat is self defence against hunger.


zod wrote

I don't take people seriously if they argue that carnism isn't oppressive tbh.


foggymorn wrote

Then I guess lions are the most oppressive things of all and we shouldn't care about them going extinct.


EdgyIndividualistBuffoon wrote

Agreed. Veganism is completely ineffective at affecting the meat industry anyway.


theblackcat wrote

How do you figure? If there are 10 million less people buying meat, you think the supermarkets are going to continue stocking 10 million more carcasses than people are buying?


EdgyIndividualistBuffoon wrote

Meat is heavily subsidized in the US, so yes.


theblackcat wrote

They don't subsidise meat so it sits on the shelf and rots, the subsidies only cover meat that gets sold. Supermarkets aren't going to stock something that doesn't sell, regardless of the low price they pay for it compared to the prices internationally.


WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

But thats not the point. If I can avoid the oppressive structures of carnism by living vegan then its relevant to my anarchism.

I have no illusions that my individual consumer descisions have any effect on the industry, changing the system significantly from within is almost impossible without massive pressure.

Veganism is an entirely moral descision for me.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

When the speaker is one vegan individual against 10 000 meat eaters and the government is conspiring with the farmers to grow national crops and raise national cattle with the taxpayer money, including the taxes took from the said vegan.

When the system changes to eliminate the subventions, and the people understand the abuse it is going to be 8 000 vegans against 60 disgusting farmers and some 20 sadists working at the slaughter house.