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PoisonDartFrog wrote

There is rampant misinformation regarding nutrition sponsored by food industries.

The entire concept of 'food groups' and the percentages we need to consume was invented by the various big ag industries.


vacuousaptitude wrote (edited )

Including the suggestion to consume dairy every day. The majority of human beings cannot digest dairy. 3/4 black Americans, 1/2 Latinx Americans, and 95/100 Asian Americans cannot properly digest dairy. Which is normal, it's the default state of being.

The government suggesting that people of colour consume a food product, multiple times a day, knowing full well that it harms their health and lowers their quality of life is an incredible example of institutional racism.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Really though, it makes no logical sense for humans to consume milk after infancy.

It's interesting that white people are less inclined to lactose intolerancy, I didn't know that.


vacuousaptitude wrote

It's basically because drinking another animals milk is something mostly white people started doing, due to the whole winter thing causing a lack of availability of food for several months a year. Our ancestors most definitely got super sick on it for generations, but they kept eating it until they adapted because they didn't have many choices.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

I was left with the impression that is the work of nutritionists playing doctors. Do you have any references?