What would an anarchist dream home be like?

Submitted by Chomskyist in Anarchism (edited )

Mine would include:

  • Datacenter
  • Biohackspace
  • Hackspace
  • Fully automated algae farm

The datacenter would function as "community memory", storing zines, music, movies, and whatnot that the people in the local neighborhood (I think the best structure would be some sort of apartment building - hopefully modified to be less atomized). The biohackspace and hackerspace would allow residents to develop science and technology to better their lives in whatever way they so choose, contributing the information yielded back to the community memory.

The other thing the datacenter (and this really only needs to be one or maybe two computers) would do is provide a local-area ISP that would facilitate maximally high-speed communications between anyone in the local area network. This should encourage sharing and collaboration.



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NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

I would like to not have a fixed home. I would explore places where no one has ever went. I would push forward into space, if possible. I would volunteer to go. I can't stand living in a cage any longer.

But regarding the Data Center, all that data needs to be decentralized, like P2P. Remember how DNA works? It's not centralized. If one fails, the others are still there to rebuild.

Something I would like to use? Some sort of jetpack. Flying is such a wonderful thing.


zorblax wrote

But regarding the Data Center, all that data needs to be decentralized, like P2P.

Decentralized storage platforms benefit greatly from having many large, high-uptime servers. PC users are far less reliable, even as an aggregate.


zorblax wrote (edited )

A communal house in the redwood forest with gigabit fiber, a small plot of land for growing food, maybe a chicken coop, and a hackerspace in the basement.

Also: I really do appreciate this thread. Dreaming about the future is one of the most subversive things you can do ♥️


chaos wrote

What do you do with a biohackspace?


Chomskyist OP wrote (edited )

Things I would do with a biohackspace:

  • Improve the yield of my fully automated algae farm

  • Make my fully automated algae farm glow in the dark

  • Implement GPL'd Golden Rice

  • Have Fun with Drugs, where Drugs include piracetam, racetam, choline, and other interesting substances


zod wrote

It would have a guest room that anyone from off the street could use if they needed somewhere to stay. It would have a food replicator that would take cubes of frozen fruit and turn them into sorbet (I already have this), it would have anti cop security devices that would hide me if they tried to get in. It would have an indoor jungle. It would have an automatic cat feeder. It would have a sonic shower.