The state DOES NOT have total control and it never will, RESIST

Submitted by chaos in Anarchism (edited )

Full spectrum dominance is

a) an illusion to keep you in check

b) the ultimate wet dream of the powers that should not be

There is no such thing as total control-

Afghanis / Syrians / Libyans have killed a lot more drones then the US gov would like to admit, even a reaper goes down if u know what you are doing apparently.

There is in fact no technology that can ensure the permanent safety of the state, and there never will be. Microwave weapons are scary, but there are ways to deal with them. That combat infantryman of the future bullshit is not only in its infancy, it is also inherently flawed imo. Smart textiles are still far from being effective, so dont expect the fucking crysis guy to be hunting you for sedition anytime soon.

Another thing civvie peeps fail to grasp is that being some kind of leet ranger/force recon/Delta Force motherfucker does NOT make you a superhuman. These people essentially train their entire lives to shave off seconds on skills every man, woman and child can learn.

They will obviously fuck your shit up in any sort of "fair" fight, but fighting is and never will be fair.

Learning the very basics of terrain movement/infantry weapons and tactics from a good teacher can theoretically make you say 60% as capable as an actual operator. This is why the myth of the supersoldier is so pervasive, the state does NOT want you to realize that a small determined group of people that have been mucking about in the woods of upstate new york are very much capable of ambushing and killing a fire team of tried and tested operators. Those seconds they have been training for become almost meaningless if someone gets the drop on them.

Combat experience and a high volume of training are of course another topic entirely, but they too are in no way gamechanging.

All in all the state still uses the same tried and tested methods to enforce its rule, fear, harassment, incarceration, psyops and good ol FMJ/HE/AP violence- I dunno how the average blac bloccer will be able to cope with martial law or the supression of an insurgency, but I know peeps within the Oathkeepers, ARM and similar orgs are very actively thinking about these conundrums.

Maybe we should make some new friends, eh?

Since I just realized this piece make me sound as if I am stockpiling munitions in my basement let me add an epilogue:

I think a lot of people are way to hard for some kind of armed revolution, they have not done their homework so they think they would be willing to exchange hardship, tragedy and ultimately death for some kind of purpose.

Although this is understandable and in someways commendable, I think we do have a chance now more than ever in our short history to fundamentally change civilization without large scale violence. If we could just lose the rabid and completely nonsensical adherence to "nonviolence" (whatever the fuck that means) we would already have made a big step towards a more peaceful revolution.

Judge actions based on their humanty, not on some ridiculous set of guidelines you yourself are breaking simply by existing in western "society".

That being said, "refusing to comply with capitals grasp" is WAY to simplified If you refuse to comply the state WILL mosey on over and fuck your shit up; you dont just tell the mafia you would like to stop paying protection money thank you very much.

To loosen the grip the state has on you and your people you must have massive support within the population, be able to defend yourself and most importantly have some form of media/propaganda that can not be compromised.

If you do not have these things the state will smash any alternative you have built.


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theblackcat wrote

Raddle is a pretty good form of propaganda, come to think of it. Especially if it goes decentralized. I was searching for 'socialist news' on google today and it was shocking how they've disappeared all the actual socialist news sites off of the results. The Independent newspaper was the first result ffs.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah, Google has really become everything it promised it wouldn't become when it was new. Their censorship of non-corporate websites effectively turns them into what I imagine AOL in the US must have been in the early 90s. We're inching towards a world where Google, Facebook, Reddit and Amazon are the entire internet.


Xesau wrote

This is what I get when I google for "socialist newspaper"


Defasher wrote (edited )

The results it shows you are completely different deoending on your location.


Xesau wrote

I know, I just wanted to point out that it's not like that for everyone


zod wrote

It doesn't need to control the entire population, just enough of it that the rest of us are silenced by the rest.


sagemon wrote

The power of the state at least in the U.S. is given to it by consent of the people. Unless enough people decide they do not consent the state will remain.

As for revolution, that is something I can't understand about Antifa etc. The very people they need to actually pull off a revolution are the very people they will demonize the most.. Specifically the now millions of Americans spread out across the country that have stockpiled masses of weapons, ammunition, food, medical supplies etc. and built bunkers and become as self sufficient as possible for just such an occasion.

I figure if things get bad enough that the leftists like Antifa and the preppers etc. all decide the government is a bigger enemy than each other and join forces is when we'll see a revolution and not until.


happysmash27 wrote

I'm both a leftist and a prepper myself, although I haven't prepped that much in terms of supplies due to financial reasons.


happysmash27 wrote

That's interesting, as I get plenty of socialist news sites. What results are you getting?