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ziq wrote (edited )

Looks like an ancap. Pretty ironic considering they literally want to construct a private state.


hasbrochem wrote

just go and undo it with the note that the reference doesn't make any mention of "anarcho statism" and in fact actually says the exact opposite. this is the text from p.65 that they cite:

shown later in this chapter, to attach himself to the collective system. This was true particularly in villages where the Anarchosyndicalists were in the ascendant. Whereas the Socialist-led National Federation of Land Workers included in its ranks an appreciable number of smallholders and tenant farmers, who had little or no propensity for rural socialization and had joined the organization because of the protection it had afforded them against caciques, landlords, usurers, and middlemen,16 the Anarchosyndicalist peasant unions were composed, at the outbreak of the war, almost entirely of laborers and indigent farmers who had been fired by the philosophy of anarchism. For these zealots, rural collectivization was the foundation stone of the new regime of anarchist, or libertarian communism, as it was called, that they had looked forward to establishing on the morrow of the Revolution. Libertarian communism would be a regime "of human brotherhood that would attempt to solve economic problems without the state and without politics in accordance with the well-known principle, 'from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,' "17 a regime without classes, based on labor unions and self-governing communes, that would be united into a nationwide confederation, and in which the means of production and distribution would be held in common.18

"Libertarian communism," wrote Isaac Puente, a prominent Anarchist writer, "is the organization of society without the state and without private property. For that reason it is not necessary to invent anything or create any new form of organization. The nuclei around which our future economic life will revolve are already present in our society: the labor union and the free communethe labor union, in which the workers of the factories and collectives gather together spontaneously, and the free commune, an assembly with an ancient tradition, in which the people in the villages and hamlets also gather together spontaneously and which offers a solution to all the community problems in the rural areas.

"These two bodies, obeying democratic and federative principles, . . . will make sovereign decisions and will not be controlled by any higher body. Their only obligation will be to unite into industrial federations that will take collective possession of all private property and will regulate production and consumption in each locality."19

Although the majority of CNT-FAI members regarded libertarian communism as the final goal of their movement, there were a few "individualist" Anarchists who, while opposed to the employment of hired labor, held that an anarchist society should not be limited to one particular system of production. "Anarchism," wrote one of the foremost Spanish libertarians, "must be made up of an infinite variety of systems and of individuals free from all fetters. It must be like an experimental field... for all types of human temperament."20

Although no hard and fast rules were observed in establishing libertarian communism, the procedure was more or less the same everywhere. A CNT-FAI committee was set up in each locality where the new regime was instituted. This committee not only exercised legislative and executive powers, but also administered justice. One of its first acts was to abolish private trade and to collectivize the soil of the rich, and often that of the poor, as well as farm buildings,


hasbrochem wrote

it's the wikipedia user Leiro-sama and they're making it even worse

anarcho capitalism (also known as stateless capitalism,[1] anarcho capitalism [2][3][4][5][6] and communist anarchism)[7][8] is a political philosophy and anarchist school of thought which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism,

likely they are coming there because of the tie to libertarianism since these fuckheads don't bother looking at history and think they own the libertarian title (have to see the talk page for this entry, it's amazing how unknowledgeable some people can be about a topic...) and think that anarcho-capitalist and anarcho-communism are the same...which makes no sense. someone who has a wikipedia account should login and flag this shit. if you undo, leave a note so they know why otherwise they'll side with this dipshit.

wikipedia is run by a bunch of murikkkan liburtarian leaning shit heads, just a heads up if didn't already know.


Juanda OP wrote

Please someone stop them 😞


hasbrochem wrote

right now it's been changed back. I was able to get a backup of the page as it is now (or was a few minutes ago) so we have that. if it continues someone higher up will step in and then both sides will have to defend their side. at that point, the much longer and richer history of the libertarian socialists should be brought to their attention and that anarcho-capitalism has nothing in common with anarcho-communism. the user keeps breaking links too. I expect them to keep this up until they're told to fuck off.


AnarchoSpook wrote

The page history is full of vandalizing edits, mostly 'an'caps it seems, loling at their tactics.