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TheNewKing wrote

It doesn't really promote any ancap stuff. I think it's informative for people who don't know much about FOSS yet and outlines the dangers of proprietary software.

Ubuntu is fine starting point really. It's very likely to work for inexperienced users. Downside is that it's not 100% FOSS. Why do you think Ubuntu is not a good recommendation?


josefStallman wrote

I've had major stability problems with ubuntu and it's derivatives, as well as a lack of good GUI-based applications to stand in for CLI tools.

I think that many distros designed specifically for people who don't know Linux fail to actually be user-friendly because so many of the things that people with the ability to design distros take for granted are out-of-this-world for people who are coming from a "never used a terminal" point.

Enterprise distros like Leap, Fedora, Tumbleweed, and centOS always feel like much better starter distros because they're meant to be much harder to break.


TheNewKing wrote

I do have good experience with Fedora too, I use Korora myself. Compared to Ubuntu it's harder to install proprietary drivers if you wish. PPAs and Fedora repos are about equally easy to use, so that is nice. GUI is fairly similar and has mostly the same applications.


josefStallman wrote (edited )

Fair. All you'd need is a tiny fork of Fedora or any of the others with RPMFusion baked in to solve that, though.

Edit: Which is apparently what Korora is, so cool.


Lenny OP wrote

So what distro would you recommend we promote to noobs? I use Arch, personally, so I'm pretty far removed from the noob state of mind.