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hasbrochem wrote (edited )

Yes, in Venezuela we are experiencing a terrible crisis, and the origin of this terrible crisis is the plan implemented by the government of Nicolas Maduro; it is a capitalist and brutally neoliberal package of measures that has allowed the prices of food and medicine to rise rapidly, while Venezuelan workers earn a minimum wage of only six dollars per month.

obviously this person must be lying, this is nothing more than capitalist lies! lolz "for the people!" unless the people want something different from those in power.

the podcast rev left radio did an interview with a bougie cheerleader for maduro and had gone down to see the real venezuela, through state sponsored tours, parties on the beach, coordinated and rehearsed interviews. they had nothing but wonderful things to say about the maduro regime. when called out on this, the host told me I was buying into usa imperialist propaganda. the best part: all said without a shred of irony or being able to see this is exactly what they were spouting but from the venezuelan capitalists (~70% capitalist economy, not really sure what else to call them). lost all respect for him that day as he showed to be nothing more than a good 'ol tankie unthinkingly supporting anyone who's anti-usa and claims to be a marxist/leftist.

/u/catalyst or /u/chimera (sorry, I don't remember which one...I'm getting old) recently posted some material on the links between chavez/maduro and fascists in latino america, in portuguese IIRC, which delve into the theme of this article in even more detail. beef steak fucking authoritarians.