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happy wrote

Great read!

Only nitpick i found was that solar panels generally have a lifespan of 25 years, not 10. Not to say they arent getting dumped after 10 years but i feel like some asshole might discredit everything because of that point.


disfalo wrote

I agree! Ideally that should be edited providing a footnote or whatever to the source of that claim.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I'll look into that, but my understanding is they start degrading after 10 years so you get increasingly less power from them from that point on.

You're so right that people will hone in on one perceived flaw and use it to discredit the whole piece. Happened to me so many times.


happy wrote (edited )

Any credible solar panel will come with a 25 year warranty with a graph of % efficiency over time.

I think there was another nitpick I found towards the end but it felt more literary so I let it slide. I‘ll find it though and edit this post.

Edit: "CEOs dumping waste in a river in China." Because CEOs arent the ones literally dumping the waste. "CEOs choosing to dump waste" would sound better and I think more powerful imo.