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I am not sure if this is true or intentional dis-information, but if anybody is in the Philadelphia area and needs a place to hide out for those days, please let me know. Email me: [email protected] we can exchange public keys and discuss options. I know of a few places where we can safely house people in the area who are afraid of ICE potentially showing up.

Please keep some things in mind if you have no safe place to hide out:

-Do not open the door for ICE, in fact, maybe don't answer the door at all on those days.


-Ask for a lawyer immediately and continue to ask for a lawyer.

-If you are detained you may be able to get bail, at which point there are a number of community organizations that can help, but if you have the means, you may want to retain counsel from a good immigration lawyer. We will fight for you in any way we can!

-Also there are a few churches across the country that are willing to function as sanctuary for immigrants. For one there is: First Unitarian Society of Denver, however many Unitarian churches are functioning as sanctuary. Also given the spat between Steve Bannon and the Catholic Church, i would say there may be some local Catholic Churches that will be willing to function as sanctuary for immigrants.

If anybody else is aware of resources, please post them here. It is no longer time for protest, that avenue has failed, it is now time to organize our communities in ways that make us more resilient.

Let's get moving on this now, don't wait until ICE is hauling of your friends, family or yourself.



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