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celebratedrecluse wrote

Judaism is a very small religion, its inclusion as a "major" faith in English-language discourse is basically evidence of the astonishingly disproportionate socioeconomic power that a sector of this population holds in English-language countries, like the US.

If you're a white supremacist, a Western chauvanist, being inclusive to Jewish people is a way to seem progressive while still upholding your toxic values. Moreover, it doesn't hurt that Jewish people are overrepresented in the professional classes.

Of course, this is not to say that all Jewish people enjoy this power, or that there is a global conspiracy, it is just that Jewish people happen to be overrepresented in the spaces of the Western elite, and the effects of this are clearly demonstrable in the way that (always assumed to be white & Ashkenazi) Jewish people are talked about w/r/t non-white people and non-white cultures.


Fossidarity wrote

Maybe it's major in the sense that it's the second biggest in the US, but it's definitely not a major religion on the world scale. And even in the US it's a small part of the population.


n_n wrote (edited )

And even in the US it's a small part of the population.

True, but enough population to be considered major I would say, 7 million people is close to the population of a small country. I think that the problem with the article is that is from a US centric perspective and is written on the religions that Americans are most familiar.

Edit: Proof that the article is US centric.


celebratedrecluse wrote

To be fair, I found 2.1% here, but Christianity is 73.7% of the population.

There are sects of US Christianity that are orders of magnitude larger than all of US Judaism put together. Judaism is a tiny minority, compared to black or other POC communities. Their roots also tend to be younger in the country (of course there are exceptions), many having immigrated from Eastern Europe in the very late 19th or 20th centuries, often with very little money and social influence, and were considered non-white. Yet, who as a group wields greater social, economic, and political power? How did this happen?

This is the result of the "blanching" of Jewish people into whiteness, a process of partial assimilation that ultimately results in phenomena like the apartheid ethnostate & US protectorate, the state of Israel, which is at this point utterly reliant on the political capital of the US Jewish elite to maintain their one key international alliance as they commit a "slow" genocide. How the world turns, eh?