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celebratedrecluse wrote

To be fair, I found 2.1% here, but Christianity is 73.7% of the population.

There are sects of US Christianity that are orders of magnitude larger than all of US Judaism put together. Judaism is a tiny minority, compared to black or other POC communities. Their roots also tend to be younger in the country (of course there are exceptions), many having immigrated from Eastern Europe in the very late 19th or 20th centuries, often with very little money and social influence, and were considered non-white. Yet, who as a group wields greater social, economic, and political power? How did this happen?

This is the result of the "blanching" of Jewish people into whiteness, a process of partial assimilation that ultimately results in phenomena like the apartheid ethnostate & US protectorate, the state of Israel, which is at this point utterly reliant on the political capital of the US Jewish elite to maintain their one key international alliance as they commit a "slow" genocide. How the world turns, eh?