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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

I was having a discussion earlier about Irma and had a good point brought up to me. This storm is expected to cause massive damage through a good chunk of the US, and a lot of people will be in need, and this could be one last chance at organizing outside of the system in a show of solidarity for everyone who will be effected, the users here included.

We already know that the States response is going to be a shitshow, and we could show that alternative ways of organizing and rebuilding communities can happen right here and now!


ziq wrote

You're very right. The best way to organize something like this would be to set up a gofundme to send comrades over there to help people, while giving plenty of interviews to the media explaining what they stand for. But it would take a lot of money to get our people to a disaster zone.


amongstclouds wrote

It would take time to organize, but with a climate crisis just on the horizon, now is the time to start putting this together. Unfortunately, there will be many more storms like this in the future.