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Lenny wrote

If things get that bad, let's face it, we're not prepared, and as you noted, the far right is. We'd be constantly in retreat as they take over more and more of the habitable land and kill anyone that stands in their way. There are far fewer radical leftists in the West than there are reactionaries. One look at any comment section on any website is proof enough of that.

I'm going to think on this some more, but I'm honestly not coming up with any ideas so far. We don't have the guns, the land, the skills, or the numbers.


ThePhoenix wrote (edited )

Maybe we should take a page out of their book and start digging holes in the ground, lining them with lead, and fill them with as much stuff as we can to survive.

Maybe we should start creating militia groups like they do so that we at least have groups of anarchists that train others to fight. Essentially, they will be the fascists in the cities and we can try to survive as the roving bandit hoards living in communes on the fringes. That is a little better than accepting their control.