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this_one wrote (edited )

I've been looking into relationship anarchy recently. It seems really cool!

A youtuber I enjoy, Adam Koebel, is a 'relationship anarchist', and he has a relationship advice show called Hot For Teacher. It's definitely helped me understand relationship anarchy better.

EDIT: There's also this youtube channel which I haven't actually watched, but I recall Adam Koebel saying it was one of the formative texts for his understanding of relationship anarchy or something like that.


F_x wrote

What I don't like about it is the assumption that because you can label your relationships you've create hierarchy (at least that's what I get from it) which makes no sense to me. I have a feeling that the person that start using the label "relationship anarchy" is using it as "chaos". The word relationship is already vague and encompass everything.

The discussion about relationship is an important one and agree with pretty much everything else about it.