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aiwendil wrote (edited )

I think it will bring about species collapse, but it will happen before I see us abandoning capitalism, so any political change will be too late to save us from extinction.

We have already hit run-away conditions for climate change, that means that melting sea ice, will release more and more methane into the atmosphere until we have warmed the climate too much to maintain habitability and it will continue that way no matter what we do at this point. If we stopped producing carbon at this point, climate change will continue largely unhindered.

China has also poisoned so much of it's arable land that they actually cannot feed their own population without imports at this point, so we are starting to see the beginning of food shortages. In California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas we have already seen the beginning of water shortages. These things have not convinced us to change our ways. I just don't see us living long enough to really benefit from any political change and I think the rich currently control enough resources that we will be capitalist irregardless of what the people want, well into apocalyptic conditions.

The political change I see is that humans will not retain their place as the dominant species on this planet for too much longer. I am personally okay with that. At that point does it really matter if we change our political system? Once we've completely ravaged the environment and trashed the planet. I personally don't think it does.