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ctuyed wrote

So what happens in 40 years when all the guns have broken and the next generation can't start a revolution because you let them ban gun manufacturing?


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Well, I also support comrades finding ways to make guns for ourselves. I think there can be a push to attack commercial arms traders, while simultaneously creating a leftist gun counterculture.

For example, even within a legalistic framework of regulation, one could ban corporations from selling arms, while preserving the right of person to person sales; another idea is to ban the manufacturing & export of military grade arms (fighter jets, missiles, other things economically inaccessible to the average revolutionary) while allowing for small scale rifle production.

Additionally, it is not difficult to replace broken parts on a firearm, and if you keep it in good condition & maintain them properly it should last more than a few decades, even! But my point is, I'm not arguing for banning all production...just that of our enemies, you know?