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1_6_1_manc wrote

The land is arable

If it stays that way, I'd expect capital to move in before long. I don't have the references at hand, but there's a chapter in Desert where they talk about previously forgotten land (in the far north mostly) becoming more and more desirable over time, with disastrous consequences for the people currently living there (Inuit, deserters, etc)


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I doubt that it will in my lifetime; it's an increasingly abandoned space.

I think the tougher thing will be finding stuff to grow there as the heat increases.


ziq OP wrote

My land is north facing and shaded by mountain, worthless to farmers who are still operating from an obsolete rulebook. They take one look at it and scoff. But north facing land is the only land where everything doesnt need to be planted in huge shadehouses to survive the summer.