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celebratedrecluse wrote

it is strategically necessary to liberate our collective projects from as many connections to "the grid", leviathan as you call it. Being attached to "the grid" is a huge tactical and strategic liability: for example, relying on industrially-sold food rather than having access to a comrade-run collective farm is going to drain labor-time (and thus resources) from radical communities, when the food needs could be at least supplemented for free/lower cost.

In order to liberate ourselves from the grid, we are going to need to 1. think logistically, what are our community needs (as opposed to consumerist desires, like what is actually necessary) & how can we realistically fulfill them, and 2. confederate existing projects into rhizomatic networks. Right now, there are a lot of projects (in certain areas of the world), but they do not communicate or coordinate nearly well enough to achieve their goals as best as possible.