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neverinNJ wrote (edited )

Well written Tequila_Wolf. Good response to get us all thinking.

Everything we build must be built with others, and at least in my case the people I build with have vastly different backgrounds and ideas and beliefs to me, even as we have some important affinities politically. A portfolio of self-organizing affinity-minded projects . With a loose horizontal overseeing organization.

So my simplistic takeaways are

  • Use Direct Action when it can best be effective. But may have only short-term impact depending on the circumstances.
  • Building a mesh network of affinity-minded communal groups is an important step going forward.
  • Anarchy is always an answer :-)

Are we becoming the change that we seek today?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

simplistic takeaways

There are probably a few more to be drawn from there.

Separately, they also come on a backdrop of a decolonial queer anarchism with a Deleuzian metaphysics/ethics.