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ziq wrote

Raddle is too anarchy for them lot.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Eh, I mean there's no ethical consumption under capitalism. Reddit has more subs, a bigger conversation, and that becomes self-perpetuating if you're looking for a big tent to discuss a wide range of topics on.

I'm just here because it's a better kind of forum experience imo, not out of a moralistic sense of obligation or illusion that using raddle is praxis. I like the fact that we have a hidden service, and I kind of know the regulars here.

It's sort of like the difference between a locals' bar, and a larger nightclub. They're both bars, but they offer different kinds of socializing. However, at the end of the day it's still just a consumer experience.


ziq wrote

First time I've heard raddle called a consumer experience lol.


celebratedrecluse wrote

lol i mean yes, it's a rad website, but ultimately it's essentially a vehicle for serving content, similar to any other website that fulfills that role -shrug-


neverinNJ wrote

Sometimes it is the devil you know. I never had a reddit phase and came straight here . Lurked for a while. And now posting. If reddit has other forums besides /r/anarchism I like, I could see someone staying there rather than hitting a second site.

So you try to push content in different places so they find you.Or somehow determine what they see as lacking in raddle. (Surveymonkey?)

Also cherish the ones that are here. (Coming from an abundance rather than a scarcity perspective(We mostly play nice together. If it is meant to happen, more people will move over in good time.


kittybecca wrote (edited )

Give it time. It took a really long time for the Fediverse to take off, and everyone used to talk about it like it was a pipe dream.


conseil wrote

I think the Fediverse also had clear advantage of feature; Raddle runs Postmill, which is certainly nicer than Reddit but not revolutionary.


asg101 wrote

/r/anarchism has 800000 subs and /f/anarchism has 1200.

I have a feeling most people by now know the problems at /r, but are willing to sift through the corporate crap for gems that might never show up on /f. Until the participating numbers reach more parity, there is going to be more content and a bigger community at /r. It is the old "chicken and the egg" conundrum. I will keep visiting both for the foreseeable future, there is no reason that I can see to be exclusive either way.


Cheeks wrote

Quantity or quality is what it comes down to. Maybe I'm making an assumption, but that's why I'm here instead of there, or mostly anyway. Threadbot pisses me off occasionally because the content is of questionable quality but it's always better than reddit. As far as redditers making the jump, most of them are trolls or just entertaining something they came across and are looking into this 'whole anarchy thing' without any actual solid interest. So.... We are growing organically and I think that's very benificial to our longevity.

It may be cool to make a forum specific to certain user accounts to post so we can give a home to, crimethinc, and other anarcho based news outlets. Idea that's just popped into the old meatbucket that's my brain.


mike425mobile wrote

Not saying the mobile web experience is bad, but might there be plans for a mobile API to allow developers to create an Android app?


conseil wrote

I'm gonna say the mobile experience is bad. It becomes unreadable in long threads, which are the most fun parts.