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mofongo wrote

Not really, colors have many interpretations, many depending on context. Color is very noticeable that's why it is used to mark things that require attention or to mark importance.

Red is not only a villain thing, many heroes have red as their color, superman, wonder woman, flash, spiderman.


NEOalquimista wrote

"In China, India and many other Asian countries it is the color of symbolizing happiness and good fortune."

Interesting exception. But elsewhere it's mostly related to something aggressive and powerful. Something that sticks out. Red is certainly a strong color. It's my favorite. Red and Black combine well. Lime Green and Black too. Blue and White... RGB colors are very noticeable for this.


ziq wrote

I think you're onto something. But at the same time, the color of liberalism (yellow) has long been associated with cowardice. They can compare us to satan all they want, but that's just because they're yeller.


Diff wrote

Red's been associated with bad for a lot longer than the cold war crap. Red is the color of blood. If someone's bleeding they're probably not too happy about things.


tnstaec wrote

Yeah, I was going to say blood and sex are the main associations in Western culture.


MarkVale wrote

I'd wager red being associated with passion made puritans dislike it. red is sex, blood, and so on. america, has a heavy christian influence that clashes with all things red. also the sky is blue (and usually the colour of conservatives parties) and hell/fire is red (like you said, commies, liberals and stuff)