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conseil wrote

Well, Bookchin and Ocalan would have to be my main choices in that case, though I feel like that's cheating.


neverinNJ wrote (edited )

Jack London's early works. Although socialist in nature, captures well social conditions. Iron Heel covers media consolidation and public shaming before it became commonplace. Scarlet Plague talks about social classes and their handling of a plague.

George Orwell's non-fiction works. Although Homage to Catalonia is often mentioned, the others (Again with socialist leanings) describe social issues and conditions of the times.


selver wrote

Before I ever found anarchism my biggest political influence was Doug Stanhope, and I'd still consider him one. His life moreso than his comedy.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

Eiichiro Oda
Gilles Deleuze (& Félix Guattari)
Raoul Vaneigem (not sure if he actually counts as anarchist)
Fredy Perlman
And many more.


jouissance wrote

Robinson Jeffers, Zhuangzi, and William Blake.