Sick of tankies constantly moving the goalposts to redefine the meanings of basic words like "communism", "genocide", "totalitarian", "(state) capitalist", "strongman", "dictator" so they can make excuses for genocidal strongman state-capitalist totalitarian dictatorships?

Submitted by ziq in Anarchism (edited )

Can't we all just tell them to STFU instead of engaging with their ridiculous nonsense and letting them water down the meanings of words further by recognizing it as something that's actually worth debating?



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ziq OP wrote (edited )

This is how they operate, the exact same way as fascists. Concern trolling; asking you to question basic reality in order to push their backwards agenda. Giving you "sources" to prove words don't mean what they mean. It's straight up brainwashing. Using complicated language to make their bullshit arguments seem worthwhile and worthy of consideration.

And once they've done it enough times, instead of creating outright disgust by apologizing for forced starvation and imperialism, their shit gets normalized to the point where people are told off by anarchists for being hostile to them instead of playing their sick little game.

We buy into their social conditioning: their calls for "left unity", their accusations of "divisiveness" and "counter-revolutionary rhetoric", and we let them walk all over us and pollute everything we stand for.


daniel wrote

It's reasonable to be sick of them, but engaging in discourse is why I am here. Their arguments aren't always sound, but it's still interesting to observe their thought process. I'll read far-right, far-left, centrist, anarchist, communist, MSM, etc. etc. etc. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Thankfully no one has a monopoly on ideas yet. The human condition is biased. No point of view has the 'full picture', the very nature of reality precludes this because at some level observation alters outcomes (eg. quantum/photon experiments). It's all just a piece of the puzzle. Raddle seems a cut above in terms of civility, just from what I have seen over the past 2 or so years.