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betterletter wrote

I hate watching clocks. I want to remove the 24-hour day from my life... I wish I could but I live in the city


Majrelende wrote

I live in a rural area, and it does not help one bit.


ziq OP wrote

Can confirm. In fact that's why clocks exist for the most part, and certainly daylight savings - so farmers can know when to get out of bed and drag themselves to harvest / market.


videl wrote

I like how this article makes the current dominant way of life sound so totally absurd without directly saying so


ziq OP wrote

That's a good idea for a forum, where we just point out all the bizarre shit we call an ordinary existence.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )


We don't have DST where I live, doesn't seem useful at all and I can't imagine it working here.


ziq OP wrote

Do you sleep / wake up based on your internal clock or based on the system's clock?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I wake up mostly based on loud noise outside of my home and not having curtains to block out light and anxiety.