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There is no principally given direction. Generally, as transhumanists we understand ourselves as an outgrowth or development from Humanism - our goal is to improve and transform the human condition through the development and making available a variety of advanced technologies. One common abbreviation for the key techs is GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Information Sciences and Nanotechnology.)

Second to this is the idea of morphological freedom and freedom of agency. We don't want anything for you in particular beyond giving you the principal and open ability to improve yourself, if you so wish. (related to that is the demand that you respect other people's access and freedom to this, as well.) You don't want to use genetic engineering? Or you prefer having your consciousness reside in an augmented biological brain in your body of choice? Go for it. And if you do want to build your dream reality as an upload running at 30 times sidereal speed on a quantum computation substrate circling our sun, go knock yourself out. (there is a whole lot of secondary aspects and arguments and details here, but let's leave those out for now.)

It can be said however that as such, pursuing all paths is the way to greatest freedom for all agents. We're interested in biological engineering as much as cybernetics and whole-brain emulation.



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betterletter wrote

I'm not one myself, but I know some ATH support either or both. Personally both scare me.