I often quarrel with friends who born in middle-class ...

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I met many friends who born in the middle-class families in my life, we shared the common interests before, but most of them unfriended me after we discuss an issue of grass root class. The pattern usually likes this way:

(A news about someone from middle-class bullying grass root workers/children)

Me: They sucks.

My middle-class friend: Who care these people?

Me: What's wrong with you?

My middle-class friend: You don't need to care about this kind of people.

Me:(view him/her as sub-human).(And I know I leave a bad impression.)

I don't know people from nations which use English as the first language would talk these or not, but in the nation live, middle-class is the minority, and they view anyone born from a lower class as sub-human in verbal...

Although they often are the bullies for anyone from a lower class than themselves. But they are extremely fearful for AIs and automation, they can be working 12 hours per day for a job for paying their home mortgage, sadly, AIs and robots will replace them very soon. :)

By the way...where am I? I live in a place with the highest Gini coefficient in all developed regions.



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