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tlckl wrote

I had honestly expected a 12-years-old kid, but heh


PoisonDartFrog wrote

The left was getting so out of whack a few years ago (and many atheists with them), that I told my brother "sooner or later, they'll hate Christians so much and ostracize is so much that only Muslims will be in the corner with us."

Thankfully, I was wrong. They instead pushed so hard they (Progressive Nutjobs and SJWs) have pushed common sense atheists and agnostics to see why we Christians were complaining about being oppressed.

100% this. Gays and Lesbians have been co-opted by SJW busy-bodies that want to be heard for the sake of their cacophony. People with real concerns have had their movement diverted to those who merely are attention whores whose parents (and most likely just 1 parent) didn't love them.

I do not mean this to attack people with verifiable genetic disorders or those that were the target of real abusive parents (not just emotional neglect). I am purely targeting the snowflakes. They weren't always pansexual-moonchild-animalkins. Before that they were goths. Before that they were skaters and punkers. Before that they were the 80's asexual Boy Georgers. Not that those eras' "outcasts" ever reached levels of ridiculousness that our era's have. Frankly, they could not. They never had academics and politicians validating their phases, and back then, that's all it was: a harmless phase of life that almost always came and went.

You can report them for the Green Card fraud.

Needs to be followed up:

A friend of mine that I went to High School with is the leading attorney for these suits. You can follow her on Twitter @4US_Workers


Defasher wrote

These aren't immigrants, they are invaders.

Netflix's CEO is a cucked libtard in his own right. Did you miss Luke Cage? Did you really not want to cancel then when the show portrayed every single named white male character as sinister?

You're a dumb bitch with elementary reading comprehension looking for 3 words said in a row in the right combination for a sound bite. Shut the hell up and let the big kids talk

No no no, this is perfect. This will make it much easier to find the people that are causing all of the troubles and breaking the laws, and help find quite a few of these "immigrants".


jadedctrl wrote

Can anyone make a screenshot of his FB page?
Looking at almost anything requires an account.


DeathToAmerica wrote



Defasher wrote

Which mod?


ProlierThanThou wrote

I have another, something potentially bigger in the works here. How do I contact you?


Defasher wrote

Private messaging isn't working yet, I'm on reddit as [redacted because fash are now aware of this thread] but you probably can't message me there because of their pro-fash rules. Best option is probably to leave a message in f/meta and the admins will give you a throwaway email addy you can get a message to.