In response to anarchists that say they'd rather exclusively post on reddit so they can "reach a greater number of people" and call anti-capitalist alternatives like raddle 'pointless'

Submitted by BlackFlagged in Anarchism (edited )

You're not actually changing anything by posting on reddit. You're just feeding the capitalist machine collectively. By growing anti-capitalist, free-as-in-beer alternatives, you actually accomplish something worthwhile.

By contributing to raddle - Instead of just feeding reddit's machine; making more content for reddit's consumers and advertisers, we create living anarchic systems that hold up anarchist ideals like mutual aid and demonstrate that anarchy works.

And perhaps more importantly; we can actually organize without fear of our data being siphoned to the state's security forces since this site has a private onion address for use through the Tor network. And you don't have to constantly stifle yourself to avoid being banned by reddit's admins for threatening the state or supporting direct action against fascists.

Reddit is good for outreach to liberals and spreading general awareness but we need actual anti-capitalist alternatives for the next stage. For serious organizing. For setting up systems independent of capitalism.

Have you read about anarchist prefiguration?

The concept is incredibly valuable towards a living anarchist praxis. Raddle is anarchist prefiguration. It's showing the world that egalitarianism can replace capitalism. That we don't have to be products for others to profit off of.

This is the comment I'm responding to specifically:



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boringskip wrote

Why have co-ops when you can shop at walmart? Checkmate, anarchists.


Anargnome_Communist wrote

I agree with you on a philosophical level, but the main reason I use reddit is for non-political purposes and raddle simply doesn't have enough active communities for those topics. This keeps raddle of my internet routine, which also prevents me from being more active here.


Fossidarity wrote

That sounds a bit like a chicken and egg problem. The only way to break through that pattern is by creating the content you would like to see!


Anargnome_Communist wrote

That's a fair and obvious point, but to be honest, I'm not much of a content creator and my engagement on reddit is mostly just commenting.

I'll keep this in mind, though, and maybe try to keep raddle in the back of my mind for a few months and see wat happens.


ziq wrote (edited )

Something people don't seem to think about much is that reddit openly disseminates anti-communist propaganda. They quarantined r/FULLCOMMUNISM and force people to read a disclaimer to access it that's a capitalist propaganda site warning of 'communist crimes':

For historical information on communism, please see the resources available at the Project on the Reconciliation of European Histories (

If this site did something like that, no communist would come anywhere near it. But if a capitalist social media platform does it, they just shrug and keep shitposting..


JayGrym wrote

That's real shit lol If they wanna use Reddit for anything it should just be to advertise raddit. Everything else is here.


existential1 wrote

I agree with using raddle over reddit 99% of the time. However raddle doesn't have an nba community and I don't have the time to generate the type of content I consume on r/nba here on raddle. So I still lurk on that.


ziq wrote (edited )

I think it's fine to use reddit for entertainment stuff. It's very good as a space for talking about TV, movies, games. But politics not so much... It's so toxic when you enter the politics sphere - and dangerous thanks to the admins openly feeding our info to the gov since they killed their warrant canary.


foggymorn wrote

The politics subs are also filled with trolls that work for various states (Russia, Israel, Iran, US, China) to derail any conversations and create divisions and a toxic atmosphere.


existential1 wrote

I agree with this. My use of social media is almost exclusively politics or sports. I guess I sort of lump tech and general natur-y stuff into politics given the way the Western world is organized.


celebratedrecluse wrote

What we really need is a collection of bots that repost articles from reddit, like /f/COMPLETEANARCHY does rn. Then, all the content will be on here, so there will be no reason that a community around even non-political content couldn't spring up

it would be kind of nice to find online radical friends who are interested in the same nerd shit as me too, honestly-- reddit is toxic AF on any of the default subs, these days


PerfectSociety wrote

u/ziq - Any thoughts on this?


ziq wrote

I don't want raddle to be a 1:1 mirror of reddit, then we'd just have tens of thousands of boring links with no comments. We should have a f/latestagecapitalism mirror-bot tho. There's no point mirroring liberal subs, no one comes here for that and it would dillute the original content to the point where it would be invisible; thus killing the community that's actually here.


Ant wrote

r/ABoringDystopia is pretty good too.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yea that one is cool for a bot.

r/shitsettlerssay I found today.

Not for a raddlebot tho.


Ant wrote

I also found it today, it looks promising


PerfectSociety wrote (edited )

Fair points.

EDIT: What if we just mirrored every leftist sub on reddit? And then try to get the leftists to come here. How do you feel about that? u/ziq


BADC wrote

I come to raddle to get away from all of the strange & weird people out there who don't fit into my reality.