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This is a New Declaration of Independence. It is meant to give people everywhere a unified idea to rally behind and to make them come to terms with the fact that our lives have been ruined because of our governments and the wealthy. Share everywhere and get people fired up. It's high time that we got ready to rumble!



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Sails wrote

this is an anarchist forum

have you engaged with what anarchists think about politically mediated actions like petitions?


martasultan wrote is a corporation that sells your information

if you're gonna do a dumbass useless liberal petition, use the white house petition site at the least i guess

more importantly than that, however - just dont


yaaqov wrote

In addition to the problems others have mentioned with petitions, the content of this declaration of rights itself (and the fact that it's, well, a declaration of rights) is liberal as fuck; I see little about it that couldn't be utilized to justify the status quo (which, believe it or not, was unconscionable even before trump) or any other similarly oppressive situation.

We... can no longer abide by the rule of law that has become corrupt and tyrannical.

Try ending this sentence after the word "law".


throwaway wrote

our lives have been ruined because of our governments

You're asking us to sign a petition, to get the attention of the government and the corporations, the parasites that have put society in this screwed up place. That's not how things work.

If you think the powers will willingly give up their power, you're in too deep.