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RosaReborn wrote

I remember him being a big fan of bureaucracy which generally goes hand-in-hand with a state concept. Sure you don't need a state for a bureaucracy and it could be global instead of just a nation, but maybe he is learning that his old notions had some fundamental flaws.

Also this bit here. Philosophy types, or really just anthropocentric people in general, get so bogged down in "the spirit of humanity" and "universal truths" that they forget the concrete facts that humans exist in a larger system and take almost all of it for granted. This realization here is a good step, but his writing still seems climate change and exploitation of natural resources are more of a nuisance than a foundation for possible change.

Phenomena like global warming make us aware that, with all the universality of our theoretical and practical activity, we are at a certain basic level just another living species on the planet Earth. Our survival depends on certain natural parameters which we automatically take for granted. The lesson of global warming is that the freedom of the humankind was possible only against the background of the stable natural parameters of the life on earth (temperature, the composition of the air, sufficient water and energy supply, etc.). Humans can “do what they want” only insofar as they remain marginal enough not to seriously perturb the parameters of life on earth.


ziq wrote (edited )

he is learning that his old notions

this is the sense I get. Has a long way to go yet tho.