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existential1 wrote

Gonna be a revolution...

Young ppl need to get out and vote...



ziq wrote (edited )

Voting is the best way to avert revolution; by convincing people they have a say in the way their lives will play out so they accept that their fate is in the hands of democracy and don't revolt.

Oh, the rich have everything and I have nothing? It's okay, it's democracy. Maybe next time democracy will decree that I get to eat.


amongstclouds wrote

Ah, yes, so in theory just another bourgeois revolution. Give it a generation or three and it's back to business as usual.


rot wrote

I doubt even that. From where I am it looks like the u.s.a will be the next fascist dictatorship, less french revolution more franco.


Freux wrote

That then spread nationalism around the globe, so much for overthrowing the ruling class.


amongstclouds wrote

Here's a quote from Deleuze I rather like:

"Here again, what you say fits a certain Marxist schema. At one point in history, the bourgeoisie was revolutionary, it was even necessary--necessary to pass through a stage of capitalism, through a bourgeois revolutionary stage. It's a Stalinist point of view, but you can't take that seriously. When a social formation exhausts itself, draining out of every gap, all sorts of things decode themselves, all sorts of uncontrolled flows start pouring out, like the peasant migrations in feudal Europe, the phenomena of 'deterritorialisation.' The bourgeoisie imposes a new code, both economic and political, so that one can believe it was a revolution. Not at all. Daniel Guerin has said some profound things about the revolution of 1789. The bourgeoisie never had illusions about who its real enemy was. Its real enemy was not the previous system, but what escaped the previous systems's control, and what the bourgeoisie strove to master in its turn. It too owed its power to the ruin of the old system, but this power could only be exercised insofar as it opposed everything else that was in rebellion against the old system. The bourgeoisie has never been revolutionary. It simply made sure others pulled of the revolution for it. It manipulated, channeled, and repressed an enormous surge of popular desire. The people were finally beaten down at Valmy."


ACAT wrote

Asking for the revolution but telling people to vote... liberals never change


BADC wrote

...Sigh..., made a guillotine joke yesterday.