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Defasher wrote

I want to know where he works, that's the only way to do some real damage to his life.


ymir wrote

Replying to Defasher (#4,658)

You think where he works doesn't know that he is the famous David Duke? I am sure they know already and don't care. Or he probably is on disability or some shit, just soaking up all the good gov't dollars so the rest of us can't. All joking aside, this doxx needs to be amplified a lot before anything good will ever come of it. Even just spray painting an anarchy sign on his house the way the KKK does with swastikas on the houses of people they don't like. Let them know that they cannot hide anymore. That is an important message.


NoMoreCommunism wrote (edited )

Duke would repeatedly insist that the Klan was "not anti-black" but rather "pro-white" and "pro-Christian." Duke told The Daily Telegraph that he left the Klan in 1980 because he disliked its associations with violence and could not stop the members of other Klan chapters from doing "stupid or violent things."