I'd rather be homeless than support the USA's police and military forces

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I can't stand it anymore. America is engaged in an endless "war on terror" and I can't deal with the fact that by getting a job and paying taxes I'd be funding it. I'd also be contributing to my city's police and the war on drugs.

I honestly don't understand this place sometimes. All the anarchists here talking about "good praxis" and "overthrowing the system" every day after they get home from work. How are you different from every other taxpayer? The government won't just go away with you and millions of other citizens actively supporting it.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I knew I'd be faced with the choice between homelessness or employment. Integrity or complacency. Hunger or submission. The time has come for me to choose, and the choice has never been clearer.

I can't live knowing that I'm helping America's military and police. I don't ever want to be a "functional member of society". I'll starve before I serve the machine. My revolution starts today.



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mouse wrote

While I support your radical choice, I also recommend you read Serafinski's "Blessed is the Flame". Anarchism isn't all about revolution and overthrow.

Honestly, I would probably be a homeless-by-choice squatter as well if i didn't have a longterm S/O to support, so all the more power to you. While I know that some of my taxes go to a corrupt system, a paycheck also gives me more resources to participate in praxis.

Anyway, go you! Make lots of street art for me. This entire fucked system isnt coming down anytime soon, so your outward resistance is very admirable to me. I'd love to get you a coffee, ya know?

One last thing, there is a very helpful guide to living in a car on f/homeless. stay safe comrade.


ziq wrote

wow, this got a lot of upvotes.