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Submitted by medusa in Anarchism

The site is down right now, but there's hope!

Not-so-good news: "Update 06:00pm (CET): German magazine Spiegel online reports that Merkel’s governing party CDU and the Bavarian sister party CSU are planning a campaign against “left extremism” before next months general elections. Spiege online also reports that all CDU and CSU state interior ministers are invited to the federal interior ministery on September 1 to present a joint statement in which they will announce that they no longer will tolerate squats like Rigaer (Berlin) and Rote Flora (Hamburg). According to Spiegel online the interior ministers also want to introduce new laws in which its not only a crime to commit acts of violence during protests, but its already a crime to be present at protests where other people commit acts of violence. The presentation of a new wave of repressive measures and laws is part of the CDU/CSU election campaign. By taking over parts of the program of the fascist AFD party, the governing parties want to attract right extrem voters."


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unk wrote

After police went through the houses of the operators of linksunten in Freiburg, they presented pictures of weapons (some slingshots and knives) they found which went through major media outlets, later it turns out there never were any weapons in their homes, the weapons were actually found in the autonomous cultural centre "KTS". Moreover two of the three operators were journalists which got their press accreditation taken away during the G20 summit.
The intentional distribution of misleading information is frightening... Seems like they wanna go hard on leftwing acivists before the elections for the sake of getting some more votes.
Source (only in german): https://netzpolitik.org/2017/durchsuchungen-wegen-linksunten-doch-keine-waffen-bei-journalisten-gefunden/