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I think most, if entirely all, of us agree on some form of revolution. But due to the diversity of our beliefs, this is obviously going to be expressed differently in various ways. So, according to what you think, what exactly does Revolution look like, how is it executed?

I ask this not just because of my interest in wanting to understand what my fellow anarchists, but also because of my own inclinations that as a revolutionary and supporter of liberation, it seems we have fundamental disagreements on Revolution itself. Especially in terms of violence and it’s necessity.

So please, tell me what you think, why, etc. Hopefully this post is in the right sub and correctly written and all. Thank you.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

The long and short of it is in this quote:

"Any bioregion can be liberated through a succession of events and strategies based on the conditions unique to it."


Plaidbeard89 wrote

I think that we don't have to physically fight yet. We're so interdependent and globalized that if enough people simply stop engaging with capitalism, it will crumble and take most governments with it. Sure, some will get ugly. But I'd rather deal with a severely weakened few rather than all of them at full strength. I've been preaching that we need to mass drop out of society and regroup in the Grand Canyon for a while now. It can work. It'll take some planning and fairly minor effort, but we can easily do it. I also wrote something to get people unified to make this work:


Majrelende wrote

I love your idea, especially with its nonviolence, but I think the Grand Canyon would be slightly inaccessible for most people. What if other rural areas around the world with many natural food sources were set up?


Plaidbeard89 wrote

It's not about accessibility, it's about survivability. The planet is about to throw a screaming fit to get rid of us, and our best bet to outlast it is by holing up in the most stable place that we can find. The Grand Canyon is it as far as I know. Now, that's not to say that I'm ruling out other sites, but I am saying that there's a lot of requirements to meet. Natural food sources, fresh water, drainage, natural shelters and some kind of protected status by the local government to keep us from getting chased off to name a few. If you find anything suitable near you, please tell everyone that you can find and organize locally. If you can't raise a group of at least 50 people, I would sell most of what I have, and skip out on bills and rent that month and use that money to evacuate. I know that sounds drastic and maybe crazy, but with the way that things are going, it's going to be necessary very soon. I give it a year, tops, before a global recession triggers on its own.


forgotten_passwords wrote

I hate to be that kind of leftist but have you read Lenin? I have not, but if I wanted to look at revolution and its mechanics, why not start with him?


ziq wrote

I guess because he was responsible for the biggest counter-revolution of all time.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

In my personal vision, the first stage of a revolution should include the organisation of an alternative socialist economy, especially in rural areas, as they would be able to produce food, and can include disregard for law both to organise a socialist economy and for its own sake. This first stage should also include squatting movements and other forms of rebellion in the cities and towns, which could be supported by the rural socialists. The second stage starts when the state decides to act on this problem against the permission of the people, as it may be useful if the state is that which acts first; the anarchist movement could attract more sympathy than if it had been the one to act against the state. Here in the second stage, the expropriation and action against the state, rather than disregard of it, would occur, as the state is trying to interfere with the way of life of the people. Once this stage starts, I imagine the first thing revolutionaries should do is to disconnect government buildings from electricity, internet, and phone. Finally, my view on violence is that no one should be killed or maimed during the revolution, but minor violence is acceptable but not ideal in defence of people or the revolution if there is a real threat of death or maiming.