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Plaidbeard89 wrote

It's not about accessibility, it's about survivability. The planet is about to throw a screaming fit to get rid of us, and our best bet to outlast it is by holing up in the most stable place that we can find. The Grand Canyon is it as far as I know. Now, that's not to say that I'm ruling out other sites, but I am saying that there's a lot of requirements to meet. Natural food sources, fresh water, drainage, natural shelters and some kind of protected status by the local government to keep us from getting chased off to name a few. If you find anything suitable near you, please tell everyone that you can find and organize locally. If you can't raise a group of at least 50 people, I would sell most of what I have, and skip out on bills and rent that month and use that money to evacuate. I know that sounds drastic and maybe crazy, but with the way that things are going, it's going to be necessary very soon. I give it a year, tops, before a global recession triggers on its own.