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Majrelende wrote (edited )

In my personal vision, the first stage of a revolution should include the organisation of an alternative socialist economy, especially in rural areas, as they would be able to produce food, and can include disregard for law both to organise a socialist economy and for its own sake. This first stage should also include squatting movements and other forms of rebellion in the cities and towns, which could be supported by the rural socialists. The second stage starts when the state decides to act on this problem against the permission of the people, as it may be useful if the state is that which acts first; the anarchist movement could attract more sympathy than if it had been the one to act against the state. Here in the second stage, the expropriation and action against the state, rather than disregard of it, would occur, as the state is trying to interfere with the way of life of the people. Once this stage starts, I imagine the first thing revolutionaries should do is to disconnect government buildings from electricity, internet, and phone. Finally, my view on violence is that no one should be killed or maimed during the revolution, but minor violence is acceptable but not ideal in defence of people or the revolution if there is a real threat of death or maiming.