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zod wrote

We'd better get cracking on that decentralized version of raddit.


sudo wrote

I don't think you can make a decentralized website, due to the way the web works. The best you can do is make backups of the site, so you can restore it in case the servers get seized. The "3-2-1 Rule" for backups is pretty good: there should be 3 copies of your data, 2 of which are backups, and 1 of which is off-site. That plus creating regular backups should be pretty effective.


ziq wrote (edited )

/u/emma was telling me about ways to decentralize a website a while back, but I don't remember the details.

Decentralizing has a lot of advantages, but I'm worried it would affect quality / reactionary control.

raddit is backed up automatically everyday in a couple of location. If we got taken down, the most we'd lose is a few hours of data.


aiwendil wrote

Well, I think it could be mirrored, which would maybe be a cool thing to set up, but based on the threat model for this website(not wanting anything based in the US or probably any other 14 eyes country) that is something to consider with mirrors. The mirrors would have to exist in countries that respect privacy laws(the list of which is getting rather thin these days). This is certainly a complicated problem to address. Should probably at least do a darknet mirror on both i2p and tor at some point that is not on the same server or even in the same location as the main server... On another note though, cloudflare hosts neo-nazi content on servers in Germany and you don't see them getting taken down like this. I think this is a harbinger of the times. There is a worldwide movement towards fascism the like of which is really unprecedented.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

IPFS is a fully-decentralized protocol for websites/files.
There has been an encyclopedia and a forum made on the protocol-- I think it could work. The only way to target reactionary posts, though, would be for the (optional) servers that would provide content via HTTP-- they would simply refuse to cache and save posts by certain users/IDs and delete anything tagged as reactionary by a moderator or something.
The main users would still see the reactionary posts for a while, though (perhaps that could be advantageous-- having users tag reactionary posts could lessen the moderator's work-load and decentralize the reactionary-censoring)... but still, it'd be pretty rad. Safer than centralized.


Fovose wrote (edited )

There's also Zeronet & i2p the former of which is easiest to use since its faster & has a slightly more polished U.I.