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theblackcat wrote

Now they just let brocialists on reddit do their work for them. Like all the ones that attack raddle.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Cops have strong unions and are technically working class; so some of those brocialists (2 that come to my mind especially) are actually cops under the illusion that they're leftists.

Most manarchists that attack raddle are just pissed off that we don't put up with their bigot bullshit here... but I'm sure a few of them are class traitors trying to sow discord and steer people away from non-capitalist platforms.


DoormouseJessup wrote

A number of us would argue that those "unions" aren't unions (many in these parts refer to themselves as "associations") and that cops are class traitors and, as such, can not be "technically working class".

They are enforcers for capital before any sort of working class attribution.