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theblackcat wrote

Anarcho-Communists: Violent overthrow of the state / capital

Individualist Anarchists: Illegalism, propaganda of the deed

Green Anarchists: Industrial sabotage, put spikes in trees that maim or kill loggers, violently protect land/water from settlers / developers

Anarcha-Feminists: Kill your rapist

Are there any anarchist schools that are still welcome on reddit?


martasultan wrote

national anarchists [/s]


PerfectSociety wrote

If they're going to ban anything related to violence, then that should include all of the fascist subreddits and alt-right subreddits.


ziq wrote (edited )

Liberals are responsible for the most violence. Just look at Libya, Palestine, Iraq. Ban r/liberal and r/politics.


BlackFlagged OP wrote (edited )

Can someone link this to reddit/r/anarchism so everyone knows they're banning us for talking about cop killers now?


Splinglebot wrote

i don't agree with the suspension but you were doing a bit more than just "talking" about about cop killers


throwaway wrote

Are you sure that's the comment that got you banned? Your comment was posted in r/anarchy, but the ban seems to be due to a comment in r/anarchism.


BlackFlagged OP wrote (edited )

wasn't banned for a comment:

Important notification about your account

subreddit message via /r/[A] sent 21 hours ago

Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting violent content. The suspension will last 7 day(s).

Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policy to make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit. This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

Edit: Oh I guess you're looking at the pms in my inbox from randos at the end of the screenshot? Forgot to crop them out. People try to honeypot me a lot.


nosho18 wrote

It's good the there are autonomously controlled communications platforms set up. Reddit is the best of the worst in terms of allowing actual anonymity, but in the end they benefit from keeping a self-referential space that doesn't build power irl. Fundamental to anarchism, for me, is that there is no separation between ideas and actions -- it's why free speech arguments fall flat and also why liberatory and rebellious ideas are seen as threats.

It's true that the reason people try so hard to do their politics on mainstream platforms is the sense that they're reaching people that way, which is maybe true. But for most of us, the goal isn't to get the most likes or make space for super low level participation like that. People critique projects like raddle as "talking to ourselves", but what's wrong with that if the goal is to deepen our analysis, maintain lines of communication, and build solidarity to take struggles back into the streets?


conseil wrote you have the original image there?